How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for your Partner (or for Yourself!)

Engagement rings are a symbol of the love and commitment of a couple, so everyone wants to make sure they get the right one! Whether you’re researching how to choose the best engagement ring for your partner or for yourself, read on to find out the tips and tricks you need to know when selecting the perfect one.

The Parts of a Ring

Before we get started with how to find the perfect engagement ring for you or your fiancé, you’ll need to become familiar with the parts of a ring. An engagement ring is typically made up of six parts, although more elaborate rings might have some additions.

The ‘setting’ of the ring describes the whole ring, but without the centre stone. The setting (or ‘mount’) can be left plain or set with gemstones, and can be as embellished as your jeweller can make it.

The ‘head’ of the ring is the setting that holds the main gemstone. Typically, the centre stone of engagement rings is diamond, but other gems that are also popular include amethyst, ruby, emerald, moissanite, quartz and sapphire.

The ‘shoulder’ of the ring describes the parts of a ring at the side of the mount, that lead up to the head. This part of the setting can be embellished with additional side stones. The term ‘side stones’ refers to any stones on the ring that are not the centre stone.

The ‘prongs’ or ‘claws’ are the parts of a ring that are pieces of metal, designed to hold the centre stone or side stones in place, and the metal ‘band’ is the part that fits around the finger. The band (also known as the ‘shank’) will be sized to fit an individual, and may be resized throughout the lifetime of the ring.

how to choose the best engagement ring

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for Your Partner

When researching how to choose the best engagement ring for your partner, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Each of these factors is likely to be customisable depending on the jeweller you buy from.

Pick the Ring Style

There are many different ring styles to choose from. From solitaire rings to halo rings, three stone rings to bead and bezel rings, there are endless styles and settings available. This means that you can pick as ring as unique as the person who’ll be wearing it. This is where knowledge of the parts of a ring is ideal, as you’ll be able to describe to your jeweller the exact features you want.

Gem Shape

Gems and diamonds can be cut into many different shapes, each giving a different look when set inside an engagement ring. Square-cut, round-cut, princess-cut, emerald-cut the list is endless! When choosing a ring you should so some research on the many different shapes and sizes of diamonds and other gems so you know what to look out for.

Metal Band

Some of the types of metal band commonly used for engagement rings include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, silver, rose gold and titanium. The choice of metal will be a question of personal taste, and you may want to consider the other jewellery commonly worn by the ring-wearer when choosing this. Different metals will suit a range of different budgets, so consult your jeweller to find the option that best suits yours.

Carat Size

It’s a good idea to have a carat size in mind if you’re considering how to choose the best engagement ring for your partner, or for yourself. Less common carat sizes, such as decimal sizes, are generally more cost-effective because they aren’t as popular. You should also consider the size versus clarity aspect of the main centre stone. Would you prefer to have a very large stone with a low clarity, or a high clarity stone that is slightly smaller?

How to Measure Ring Size

Another important consideration to make when learning how to choose the best engagement ring for your partner or yourself is the ring measurement. Rings are generally measured by the inner diameter of the ring, measured in millimeters. In countries like Canada and the US, the diameter measurements are converted into a numeric scale from size 3 to 13.5. A size 6 ring size typically corresponds to a diameter of 16.5 mm.

There are some things to bear in mind if you’re learning how to measure ring size. Firstly, the size of a finger often varies during the day, due to temperature changes or fluctuations in weight. In the morning, fingers tend to be slimmer and then they swell as the day goes on. In addition to this, the ring finger on each hand is unlikely to be the same size. Typically, the fingers on the dominant hand are slightly larger, so make sure you measure the right one!

To get the most accurate ring measurements when considering how to measure ring size, take measurements of the left ring finger at different times of the day and at different temperatures. If in doubt, err on the larger side; ring resizing is always an option if it’s slightly too big.

how to measure ring size

Other Jewellery

If you’re looking at how to choose the best engagement ring for your partner, or researching one for yourself, you’ll want to consider other jewellery in the process.

For example, if the ring-wearer typically only wears gold rings, then they might prefer an engagement ring that has a yellow gold or white gold band so that it looks great with their other jewellery.

On the other hand, if the ring-wearer wears a mixture of gold, rose gold and silver jewellery then they may not have a preference as to the metal band of the engagement ring.

Warranty and Insurance

Some jewellers will offer a lifetime warranty or ring insurance policy as standard with their engagement rings. While this isn’t a deal breaker if it isn’t included, it is something to be aware of. If your jeweller doesn’t have a warranty as standard, you’ll need to factor into the cost of the ring the premiums for insuring it.

Ring insurance prices vary depending on the individual parts of a ring, such as the size of the stone and how the ring is stored

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