Dawn RonfeldDhérèse is a mash up of my first name (Dawn) and my middle name (Thérèse). 

I’m not normally an inventor; I’m a private school teacher in Oakville, Ontario (Canada). But I have been sitting on this great idea for years now, and finally had the courage to do something about it! 

You see, when I would go to the gym, I found that I would be sticking my ring in my pocket, my wallet, or other random locations to keep it safe. Often, I was worried that I might lose it or scratch it and would think to myself…

“why isn’t there a small case that I can put my rings in that keep them safe when I need to take them off temporarily?” 

That is when my vision came to mind. As the years went on and I would take my ring off for volleyball or golf, to get my nails done, or while at the lake, I kept thinking that I need to do something about this! In summer 2018, my best friend lost her wedding band that she placed in her sunglass case while playing beach volleyball; my sister-in-law mentioned that she keeps leaving her rings at her parents’ house; and then I noticed that my brother, who is a firefighter, was putting his ring on a carabiner on his key chain when he went to work. These were all signs that I needed to do something with my idea!

In the Fall of 2018, I began the process of creating The Ring Keeper, and that brings us to today!

About the Inventor

Dawn Ronfeld was born in St. Catharine’s, Ontario (Canada) and raised in the small town of Cloyne. She earned her Bachelor of Physical & Health Education, Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Now settled in Burlington, she has been teaching at a private school in Ontario for the past 10 years.

When not designing innovative products, she loves to play volleyball, golf, and downhill ski. She spends her summers in her happy place, her cottage, dreaming of new inventions.