6 Activities that Can Cause Wear and Tear on Your Rings

Wearing Your Ring All The Time?

Did you know that there are many times throughout the day that we should not be wearing our rings?

The wear and tear that builds up over the years from our daily activities can result in breakage, deformity, discolouration, and sometimes even loss of these significant pieces.

We wear our rings daily because they are a symbol of a time or experience in our lives. Whether they are a gift, a family heirloom, an engagement ring, a travel memory or just that piece of jewelry we loved while browsing a shop, looking down at our rings spark memories and feelings of happiness.

The durability of our rings will depend on the type of metal or combination of metals that it is made from. Each type of metal has its advantages and disadvantages. The most common metal in ring making is gold because it is very malleable and easy to work with. Your rings may also be made of platinum, which is the most expensive and luxurious; palladium, which is the rarest; titanium, which is durable and hypoallergenic; or silver, which is often the most affordable.

Understanding what our rings are made from is important, however, our rings are still vulnerable to damage from scratches, dings, abrupt impacts, bumps, chips, and snags. It is important that we know which activities cause the highest risk to our rings and when we should be taking them off and storing them safely in The Ring Keeper.

When We Should Be Removing Our Rings

Remove Your Ring While Exercising

It is important to stay active.  Depending on the intensity of our workout, our salty sweat and the equipment we use can cause wear and tear on our rings. Precious stones can be knocked out of their settings or the band itself can be banged up by our weights. 

Wear and Tear on Ring When Doing Sports

Sports often involve the use of some type of equipment.  Whether we are playing an individual or team sport, abrupt or continuous blows from balls, sticks, rackets, and clubs can cause sudden changes in the shape of our rings or deformity over time.

No Rings While Swimming

Whether we are at the beach, poolside, or in a thermal bath, the saltwater and chemicals can be harsh on our rings, often causing discolouring or the metal to breakdown.  Our rings can also easily slip off our hands without us even knowing because our fingers shrink in colder water due to changes in our blood vessels below our skin.

Applying Products Without Ring On

All of the lotions and products we apply to our bodies can get stuck in the crevices and prongs of rings making them hard to clean. The leftover film from the moisturizers, serums, hand sanitizer, sunscreen and hair products build up in the crevices and prongs of our rings over time.  This building allows dirt and other particles to collect, and this might even cause the gemstones to loosen and fall out.

Cleaning Can Cause Wear and Tear on Your Rings

Harsh chemicals and bleach in our cleaning products can damage the metal bands and the gemstones in our rings.  These substances can cause rings to dull, weaken, or crack as they break down the metals and finishes.  Our rings are also susceptible to bumps, snags, and scratches as we perform different cleaning activities.

Gardening & Yard Work Require Ring Removing

Dirt, sand, rocks, clay pots, and common gardening and yard work tools can cause serious abrasions to your rings. Small particles can get stuck between the prongs or in the crevices causing further damage.  

Knowing this, we might be asking ourselves, why do we leave them on when we know we should be taking them off? It is because we don’t feel like we have a safe place to stash them. In the past, I used to toss my ring into the bottom of my purse, in my wallet, or a random pocket, which often resulted in worry or panic as I searched for the inner crevices of my handbags and clothing.

This is exactly why I invented the Ring Keeper! 

It is the easiest, most compact, and beautiful way to keep your rings safe when you need to remove them. I have The Ring Keeper attached to my keys, my purse, my makeup bag, and my gym bag. I also keep one on my bedside table and next to my kitchen sink. Whether around the house or on the go, I always know where my ring is securely stashed. Check out our ring keeper shop and find the best one for your needs!

- Dawn

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