12 Must-Have Gym Bag Essentials for 2024

Whether you're in the gym seven days a week or once a month, there are some items you just can't live without. Read on to discover the 12 essential items to keep in your gym bag for those sweaty sessions. We’ll dive into the showering-at-the-gym essentials, along with the safety essentials such as a padlock and a gym ring holder.

1. A Great Pair of Trainers

First things first, you're going to need a great pair of trainers. The ideal gym trainers are sturdy but lightweight, and very breathable. Depending on which activities you prefer to do while at the gym, you will probably require different types of training shoes.

If you're a runner and love the treadmill, pick a durable running shoe that you know will stand the test of time. If you love weight training, you'll need trainers with some grip to them, to allow you to shift heavy weight safely.

2. A Water Bottle

Another part of your gym bag essentials should be a great water bottle. It's important to stay hydrated while you train, and if you ever feel unwell, you'll need some water to hand. Most gyms have water fountains that you can refill, but it isn't advisable to drink directly from a fountain (especially post-pandemic) because germs can easily be spread this way.

Some of the best water bottles are BPA free, and have key chains so you can attach them to your bag so that you won't leave them behind at the end of your session! 

Check out these great water bottles from Lululemon and HydroJug!

3. A Small, Absorbent Towel

No one likes that person at the gym who leaves all the equipment they use slightly damp! It's neither pleasant nor hygienic for your fellow gym goers. Pack a lightweight but absorbent towel in your bag to dry yourself off when the workout gets intense. Most gyms have cleaning stations post-pandemic, with which gym goers can wipe down the equipment before and after they use it.

It's also useful to have a towel on you as part of your showering at the gym essentials if you plan on showering after your session.

4. Shower Shoes

Another useful item to have as part of your showering at the gym essentials is a pair of shower shoes. Sliders or sturdy flip flops are a great option for this. Although most gym showers are well-maintained and are cleaned regularly, keep it hygienic by opting for some sturdy, waterproof shoes for your post-gym clean up.

5. Shower Gel

If you're after showering at the gym then you're also going to need some body wash. It may sound obvious, but it's easily forgotten! Pop a post-workout shower gel from Dr Teal’s in your bag. Made with pure Epsom salts, shower gels like this one are designed to ease aches and pain, and are fortified with vitamins and shea butter to improve hydration after a long gym session.

For a more sustainable approach, check out these awesome shampoo and conditioner bar travel sets from Unwrapped Life.

6. Clean Socks

Another one of the gym bag essentials is a pair of clean socks. Make sure you've always got a fresh pair of socks in your bag in case you need them. Whether you’re showering or not, you’ll be grateful they you don’t have to walk around in damp socks after an intense session in the gym.

7. A Spare Top

You may also want to pack a spare top in your gym bag if you're prone to a sweaty session. This can be especially useful if you're running errands afterward, or if you don’t want to sit around too long in your sweaty clothes!

8. Dry Shampoo

Don't have time to wash your lovely locks after a sweaty session? No problem. Pack a small can of dry shampoo in your bag to absorb the excess oils and sweat in your hair, leaving it feeling clean and dry. If you’re not a fan of aerosols choose products that are more environmentally-friendly!

9. Hair Bands

While we're on the topic of hair, it's always useful to have a few spare hair bands in your gym bag. We all know the feeling of tying up our hair ready for a long stint on the cross-trainer then... snap! Make sure you're prepared with a few extra hair ties in case you're left without one during your session. You could even put them in with your gym ring holder to make sure they don’t get lost.

These swim scrunchies from Hello Freckles hold your hair like a dream.

10. A Padlock

If your gym provides lockers for its users then you're going to want to invest in a padlock. Making sure you have a padlock in your bag ready for use will give you peace of mind while you’re working out. It’ll be useful so that you can keep your other gym bag essentials or extra special items such as your gym ring holder, or wallet safe.

11. Wireless Headphones

Many gym goers find that music can really help with keeping your focus on workouts. Having a good pair of wireless headphones in your bag is a huge advantage, because you won't have to worry about headphone wires getting in your way, and you can operate it from your phone.

12. A Gym Ring Holder

Ever been so paranoid about losing your engagement ring or other precious jewelry at the gym that you can't stop thinking about it? Having a Ring Keeper in your gym bag will give you peace of mind, and reduce the anxiety associated with losing such a precious piece.

Say goodbye to fumbling around in your bag for misplaced jewelry, and denting your rings from keeping them in your wallet. The Ring Keeper is a ring case that has a soft fabric lining to prevent scratching and denting of your fine jewelry, and an anti-tarnish inside to increase the longevity. With individual compartments inside, it's the perfect place to keep your engagement or wedding ring safe while you sweat.

It's advisable to take your expensive jewelry off when you're at the gym, as long as you don't lose it! That’s where a gym ring holder comes in. Sweat, oils and dirt can build up on rings over time, causing the gems or diamonds to become dull in appearance. In addition to this, gripping heavy weights can cause the metal bands of your ring to become warped or dented over time, an issue that can be difficult to rectify even for an experienced jeweler.

As you pack your gym bag with essentials, let Dhérèse The Ring Keeper be the safeguard that brings peace of mind to your workout routine. No more paranoia over lost or damaged jewelry; instead, welcome a sense of security and focus that elevates your gym experience. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your precious symbols of love and commitment are safe, allowing you to fully commit to your fitness journey.

Visit us today and discover how Dhérèse The Ring Keeper can transform your gym routine, ensuring your valuable jewelry is always protected, just like the precious memories they represent. Let your fitness journey be about reaching new heights, unburdened by the worry of what you hold dear. With Dhérèse, your rings are in safe hands!

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