The Essential Accessory for Summer Athletes: The Ring Keeper

Summer is the season for outdoor sports and activities, but for athletes who wear rings, participating in these sports often means removing their jewelry for safety and comfort.

The Ring Keeper, a small leather zippered case with a lobster clip and two inside pockets, provides a secure and convenient solution for storing rings while enjoying summer sports.

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Here are five summer sports where athletes should remove their rings and why The Ring Keeper is the perfect accessory for them.

1. Beach Volleyball

Why Remove Your Ring:

Sand Damage: Sand can get into the crevices of rings, causing scratches and making them difficult to clean.

Finger Swelling: Intense physical activity can cause fingers to swell, making rings feel tight and uncomfortable.

Safety: Rings can get caught on the net or other equipment, posing a risk of injury.

Use The Ring Keeper:

• Secure it to the inside of your beach bag or clip it to your water bottle carrier to keep your rings safe from sand and water.

2. Swimming

Why Remove Your Ring:

Chemical Exposure: Chlorine in pools and salt in seawater can damage the metal and stones in rings.

Loss Risk: Rings can easily slip off in the water without you noticing.

Discomfort: Swimming strokes can be hindered by rings, affecting performance.

Use The Ring Keeper:

• Store it in your swim bag or attach it to your poolside chair to ensure your rings are safe while you swim.

3. Tennis

Why Remove Your Ring:

Grip Interference: Rings can interfere with the grip on the racquet, affecting your game.

Sweat Damage: Sweat can cause rings to slip and also lead to tarnishing and skin irritation.

Injury Risk: Rings can cause blisters or cuts during intense matches.

Use The Ring Keeper:

• Clip it to your tennis bag or keep it in a secure pocket to protect your rings during matches.

4. Cycling

Why Remove Your Ring:

Vibration Damage: The constant vibrations from cycling can cause rings to rub against the handlebars, leading to scratches and discomfort.

Grip Issues: Rings can interfere with your grip on the handlebars, reducing control.

Safety Concerns: In the event of a fall, rings can cause or exacerbate hand injuries.

Use The Ring Keeper:

• Place it inside your bike’s frame bag or store it in a jersey pocket to keep your rings safe while you ride.

5. Softball/Baseball

Why Remove Your Ring:

Glove Fit: Rings can make it difficult to properly fit your glove, impacting your ability to catch and throw.

Impact Damage: High-speed impacts with the ball can damage rings or cause injury.

Dirt and Dust: Rings can get dirty or scratched from the infield dirt.

Use The Ring Keeper:

• Keep it in your sports bag for easy access and protection during the game.


For summer athletes, the risk of losing or damaging rings is high, making it crucial to have a secure and convenient way to store them during sports activities. Stay active with The Ring Keeper: a stylish, practical, and safe solution for ring storage that ensures your rings are protected while you focus on your performance.

Whether you're playing beach volleyball, swimming, tennis, cycling, or softball, The Ring Keeper is the perfect accessory to keep your rings safe and sound. Invest in The Ring Keeper today and enjoy peace of mind while you enjoy your favorite summer sports. Visit our shop now and get yours!

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